Professional Stocktake Services is one of the leading stocktaking service businesses in Queensland. The company has rapidly grown to become one of the biggest stocktaking companies in Queensland since it first entered the stocktaking business. The company operates and provides stocktaking services everywhere in Queensland, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Cairns. In order to help our customers to handle their stocktakes, our company provides them with highly professional manpower with a lot of experience in asset stocktaking. The majority of our clients outsource staff recruitment to our company while continuing handle the stocktakes and business inventories on their own. We currently provide the stocktaking services including cafes/takeaways, chemists/pharmacies, clothing stores, clubs, convenience stores, department stores, hardware stores, variety stores, specialty stores, hotels, liquor retailers, insurance assessment companies, news agencies, restaurants, service stations, supermarkets, and so on. The stock taker company’s personnel is responsible for monitoring and executing actual stock takes, while the use of our service helps minimise the expenses associated with business assets stocktaking. Our company also offers additional services based on a customer’s need. Professional Stocktake Services is one of the largest asset stocktaking companies in Queensland, a full member of “The Stocktakers’ Institute of Australia”, and strictly adheres to its Code of Practice and Standards.

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What are the benefits of using our service?

  • Client can define the level of independency during stocktaking on his own
  • Client can outsource most of the staff tasks during business inventory taking
  • A large number of our customers report that, since they started to use our service, their stocktaking results have improved because their own staff was lacking the motivation to handle the asset stocktaking and business inventory tasks effectively
  • In particular, the customer can minimise its expenses in case the stocktakes are performed outside of normal operating hours by avoiding paying the overtime rates. In addition to that, the stock-taker helps to avoid the losses associated with the human resource management.

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